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Saturday, 7 July 2012

Tips to create an Authority Blog

In this Information Era, Blogging has become quite popular.
In average there are 75,000 blogs created daily

With those kinds of numbers it's safe to say that just having a good idea and creating a blog is not going to be enough to attract readers who will return again and again to read your content.

So the question now is how to just go about creating a blog tht people still comes back to which in turn woulod be making you much more money?
Creating a blog that adds value?

I'm going to share three tips with you that can help you to accomplish what may seem like a very lofty goal.

1. Find a Niche to Blog on

One way to create a blog that adds value to your readers is to focus in on a specific and small niche (part) of a larger market.

For example if you were to create a blog in the "SEO" market, you could take it a step further and create a blog about "SEO tips for blogs".

To make your blog even more engaging you could include pictures of you with your own blog ranking high on search engines and talk about your experiences as you take the blog from nothing to ranking high on
search engines.

2. Be More Creative and Original

O.k. so let's say that you start a blog about "SEO for Blogs", why would someone read your blog and listen to what you have to say over and above any other blog about the same topic?

Perhaps you can post videos on your blog of you showing your audience how your blog is ranking high on search engines

If there is a specific problem that your audience is having with their blogs, maybe you could show them how you overcame or are overcoming the same problems with your blog.

There is no limit to how creative and above all original, beacause originality makes the rader knows that you are an expert in what you are blogging about and they would want to visit your blog more often to read
more from you and this would in turn give more value to your readers and add more value to your blog.

3. Provide Free Information
People love something for nothing. If you provide regular advice and helpful tips on your blog about something, then it is likely to draw regular visitors. Free helpful information – even if it’s a collection of links to
other sites/blogs can still attract lots of visitors.Creating loads of valuable information on your blog for free would make your readers value your blog and would want to come back for more.The key here is to find
and create lots of free contents even if it is linking to oher wesites.
4. Make Friends With Other Bloggers
Bloggers are the people who will understand you more when it comes to blogging. They are the ones who will think what you think and feel what you feel. No one will understand a blogger more than a blogger.
Also, no one knows everything.So try networking with other bloggers,as many as you can with, and you would never regret you did.
5. Let Your Personality Shine Through

A large percentage of the blogs in any given niche are predominantly filled with boring content.

To set your blog apart it's good to write articles or produce videos that allow you to be who you are. The more personality your blog has the more you would be able to connect well with your readers and build a
more engaging and personal relationship with them.

The more content you create, the more your audience will get to know you and trust you based on the rapport you create with them.

I hope i have been able to lay out steps you can follow to be an authority blog in the mist of so many blogs and still make it.
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