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Monday, 2 July 2012

Make Money Online With Facebook

Facebook is a very addictive social network.
and do you know you can make money online
easily through facebook?
In this post and the more to come i will be
annalysing ways to make money online with facebook.
I would start off the course by teaching you how to
setup facebook ads.
Setting up facebook ads needs some expertise and
you would need mastercard or zenith websurfer loaded
with cash to get your ads running in order to make
money online.

Once you have gotten your credit card, go to
I know you all have a facebook account so what you just have
to  do is to just scroll down to the end of the page where you
will see create an ad.
Click on it and you will get to a page where you will get your ad screen.
Destination – This is going to a Facebook page or an external URL
URL – When you choose external url has stated above you will get this option to
             input your url destination.
Title –  Your Ad headline
Body –Your Ad body text
Image –Your ad image
Next you will be presented with targeting options as follows:
Location –Where your target audience would be.
Age –Age range of target audience
Require Exact Age Match – Click this to make facebook enforce age range
Sex –target audience sex(male or female)
Interests –Target audience interests
Next, you can click the Show Advanced Targeting Options button to get more options.
Interested In – This allows you to target people who are interested in a specific gender (or both). You typically must utilize this field on dating campaigns.
Relationship –  Relationship status of target audience
Language –Language of target audience
Education –Audience education level
Workplace –Audience work level
Next you’ll be presented with campaign and bidding options. This is where you’ll choose a campaign and ad name as well as how you bid on traffic.
Account Currency – This will be your native currency. This will only show up the first time you setup an ad.
Account Time Zone – Your local time zone and country.
Campaign Name – If this is your first campaign, you’ll enter the name here.
Budget – This is the daily budget for the campaign.
Schedule – You can schedule the campaign to start at a certain time or right away.
Pricing – By default this will be chosen automatically for you but it advisable to edit this through advanced mode
After you click on Advanced mode, you’ll be presented with an option in terms of how you’ll pay (per click or per impressions) as well as the price you’re willing to pay.
Pay Per Impressions (CPM) – This option will charge you for every 1000 impression of an ad, regardless of whether it’s clicked or not.
Pay Per Click (CPC) – This is the default option and will charge you for every click.
Max Bid – This is the maximum price you are willing to pay for each click or 1000 impressions.
once you are through with all this listed above, click on review ad to check out your ad and if you like it, confirm your order.
After you complete this step you’ll have an ad campaign and going forward every time you click the Ads or Advertising link, you’ll be taken to your Advertising Dashboard.
Congratulations, you are now a Facebook Advertiser! You’ve taken your first step into an exciting new direction!
Samuel Dwayne
08130538214 (9am to 5pm except weekends)

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