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Friday, 6 July 2012

How To (Export) Backup a Blogger Blog and (Import) Restore it to another Blogger Blog

Now you can export your blogger blog from an account to another account without any hassles.
All you just have to do is to follow my simple guide here and you are on your way to exporting your first blogger blog in minutes.

Step By Step guide to Backing up and restoring Blogger Blogs:

1) To Export your blog,
   a) Login to Blogger Dashboard (new view)
   b) Click on Settings
Blogger Dashboard7 How to Import and Export Blogger Blog (New Interface)?
   c) Click on Others
   d) Click Export Blog
   f) Click on Download Full Blog "without Template"
Download Blog1 How to Import and Export Blogger Blog (New Interface)?  

That's all you need to do to Export your blog.
The blog file would be saved on your system (PC).
Now to Improt your blog To another blog

a) Go to the settings of the other blog
b) Click on Others
c) Click on Import Blog, a page will appear where you wold upload the file you saved the other minute.
Import Blog How to Import and Export Blogger Blog (New Interface)?

d) Enter the Captcha code and viola!! you have successfully exported and imported your blogger blog to another.

I hope this has been able to help but please note that the template would not be exported.
It is only the posts and the comments that would be exported.

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