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Friday, 27 July 2012

Publish your Book online for FREE

Yes that's right now you can now publish your book online for free and even sell it too.
I have tried it and it really works. Infact I published three books using the information am going to teach you in this post.
Now let's get to it:

There is a site I use to publish my book online, the site is LULU.

All you need is to register on the website and start uploading your book, creating cover and all that makes up a book.
You can also sell your book on lulu. After creating your book, they would give you option to sell your book on their website where they would get a percentage for each sale but isn't that good because at least you created the book for free.
I know you are itching to go over and try your hands on it so am gonna leave you to go for it
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